Sweat Donation

Have you ever wondered about the source of the food on your plate? Are you excited to find out how? Enjoy the experience of spending a day at a farm with the farmer growing your own food. Burn some fun calories as you plough the land, dig, plant seeds and much more. Apart from greening your own life and giving the children an experience of farm life, you can enjoy a hearty Mandya-style Breakfast and Lunch that will be prepared by a farmer’s family.

Instructions and help will be provided to you throughout the experience. Work according to your own abilities with breaks in-between, if required.

Charges - Rs.300/- per head
Free for children below 12 years

All the proceeds from this experience will go directly to the farmer

Organic Farmers Club

One of the goals of Organic Mandya is to have a Farmers Club in each of Mandya’s 1,486 villages. The Organic Farmer’s Club is a self-help initiative that serves as a hub through which chemical-free produce grown by the farmers are sold to their fellow villagers. Excess produce after the local sales is made available to the urban consumers through our stores.

Currently there are 120+ Clubs in 120+ Villages.

Women’s Kitchen Garden Associations

An empowered woman not only adds value to her own family, but also to her village and the society at large. We encourage women to start kitchen gardens with pesticide-free produce and train them in organic gardening. Besides this, they are also trained in producing natural pest repellants and other agricultural products that can be used by their farmer-husbands.

Other organic products such as house cleaning solutions and soaps are also manufactured by these women and sold in our stores.

Free training program for Farmers

Every Monday, a whole day training program is provided to farmers in Organic Farming, manufacturing of fertilizers and repellants and making seeds. Crop-wise training programs are also provided once in 3 months.

If you want to learn organic farming practices, email us at

Awareness Programs in Villages and Cities

Awareness programs on organic farming are conducted in villages and cities in and around Mandya, through street plays. These initiatives talk about the ill-effects of chemicals on health and the environment.

Revival of our Culture, Heritage and Folklore

Programs on our Culture, Heritage and Folklore that are forgotten by today’s generation are presented in attractive, fun and engaging ways to our audience, through platforms such as Sweat Donation.

Farmer’s Conferences

Farmers and their families meet once in 6 months to share thoughts, celebrate successes and promote upcoming farmers in Organic Farming.

Chemical-free Food Stalls

Food Stalls that support organic farming are set up by Organic Mandya inside villages to promote healthy eating, sells the surplus produce from the kitchen gardens and the farmer’s club.. These stalls are owned and operated by the local Organic Farmer’s Club.

Distribution of Native Cows

Farmers are presented with Desi Cows or Native Cows and use the wealth of information and soil protection that they bring to Organic Farming, like the use of desi cow manure which was used in traditional agriculture.