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A General Guide on What NOT to Eat

A General Guide on What NOT to Eat

No red meat, no junk food (because it ain't food), no corn, no soya, no onion, no garlic, no white rice!

1. Corn + Soya = Cheap food items grown in large quantities by US corporate farms hardly containing any nutrients. The American lobby sold us both. Corn has taken its place and destroyed health of city folks. With Soya, their argument was that we lack proteins as we don't eat much meat! We think they need to get introduced to Millets, Lentils, and Greens.

2. Rice = Avoid polished white rice. Switch to Millets. If you aren't ready yet, try much nutritious native varieties like Rajmudi Rice, Navara Rice, or Gandhakasala Rice.

3. Cooking Oils = Avoid Sunflower Oil at all costs! You can use Groundnut oil (good for all cardiovascular diseases) or Coconut oil.

For Groundnut oil also, they told us it thickens arteries (while the good fat in it actually does the opposite) and sold us, voila, Sunflower BS...manufactured by big fat corporates!

4. Milk = Avoid regular A2 milk. Switch to Desi A2 Milk. Could be given to kids and lactating moms. Adults do not need milk on daily basis, you can use it to make your tea/coffee.

5. No Nervous Stimulants: Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco, Garlic, Onion, Tea, Coffee. These cannot be called food and would destroy your finer senses eventually.

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