"A Stern and Accurate Response to NAAS by SPNF Group" — Organic Mandya
"A Stern and Accurate Response to NAAS by SPNF Group"

"A Stern and Accurate Response to NAAS by SPNF Group"

After baseless allegation hurled by NAAS to not use SPNF on the grounds of it being "unscientific" (even when Prime Minister himself has urged farmers to take it up), Subhash Palekar Natural Farming - SPNF, Formerly ZBNF has come up with an official response:

"The real test of SPNF (formerly ZBNF) is in a SPNF farm, not at propaganda sessions by paid scientists at National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, or in motivated propaganda by Journalists like ThePrint or in the rabid propaganda by some NGOs with dubious motives!

All of these ignore the real benefits that farmers have had, by getting out of debt, of recovery of the soil, and ecosystems, and good, clean healthy non poisonous food that is grown by these farmers.

This change in situation does obviously affect the economy of Chemical and Poison Manufacturers and Sellers, who with their deep pockets fund these misinformers!

It is a known fact that the Chemical and Seed industry have deep pockets, and spend the most money on lobbying, to ensure that people do not adopt sustainable practices and they stay enslaved to their chemicals and poisons! Almost all agricultural universities and even govt agricultural departments are compromised by these highly influential multinational chemical corporations.

These people who speak against SPNF are agents of these corporations and need to be investigated. They obviously are scared that their patronage will end, and their income sources will dry up!

LET these people first visit a ZBNF farm, before they speak against it!"

Image: Marcin Balcerzak/Shutterstock

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