Keerai Madi Bike Riders. — Organic Mandya
Keerai Madi Bike Riders.

Keerai Madi Bike Riders.

Being in the bounty of nature and riding a challenging terrain is like a second nature to a Harley Davidson Rider.

Last Sunday, gussied up in boots and jackets, a group of 35+ riders from HOG Bangalore, made their way into the town of Mandya. The ride had a special significance in tow - Sweat donation. The ride was in support of women farmers of Madya district.

The riders came into town to help the women farmers set up kitchen gardens called Keerai Madi, enabling the women farmers take a step towards sustainability and organic food, the HOG & OM brought seeds, saplings, and helped plant them in their backyards. Water from nearby sources was drawn and used to irrigate freshly ploughed soil.

Later, the farmers, being the gracious hosts that they are, treated the HOG to a simple yet sumptuous lunch using local ingredients freshly sourced from the farms nearby. Fresh Buttermilk, Raagi Mudde, Sambaar, White rice, Soppu, Curd rice, Veg Pulao, Sheera and Forest Honey were a huge hit with the riders.

The riders were taken through a labyrinth of smells, feels, sights, tastes, and roads (of course!) no less.
The day was filled with native experiences like Gau Pooja, Bullock Cart Rides and harvesting organic produce like Sugarcane , Papayas, Jackfruit etc. In turn, the natives had a delightful time taking countless selfies posing on the Hulky Harley bikes.

Adventurous Ride. Unforgettable Experience. A Nobel Cause. A terrific combo, indeed! 🌱🌱

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