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Mahatma Gandhi Experimented With What he Believed In!

Mahatma Gandhi Experimented With What he Believed In!

Mahatma Gandhi experimented with what he believed in, his whole life. And then proceeded to offer solutions that he found to be true.

It's also noteworthy that as time passed by, his experiments became finer, and as such, he evolved his truths/findings/insights. You'd be surprised this same Truth has been codified in best-selling business books nowadays and it goes something like this: "Strong Opinions, Weakly Held!"

Now, this is in stark contrast with Modern Activists who go on protesting the first thing they see on the Internet!

W/r/t diet, his views were "satvic" and at par with Grandmotherly wisdom and applied science (as opposed to theoretical science that sings a different tune every day). He was a vegetarian (by choice), gave up regular milk for Goat Milk (available at our stores!), and asked folks to not use too much salt (imagine him finding out amount of Sugar we have started consuming post independence!).

Try to restrain eating meat, wheat, aloo/potatoes, tomatoes, onion, garlic this whole month.

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