The Living Soil: Earthworms — Organic Mandya
The Living Soil: Earthworms

The Living Soil: Earthworms

Soil should be like a sponge. Now, to make soil porous, different kinds of Earthworms play a huge role as they dig deep, vertical (and horizontal) burrows.

Then, Cows and Bulls, through their eating sessions, rhythmic walks, and by taking loads of 'dumps', make the land a complex living adaptive system where insects, birds, animals, and plants feed on each other and create a 'play' where human intervention is minimal.

Soon, Bees make colonies and start 'scaling' the system through pollination. A farm, then, no longer remains one, and becomes a thriving jungle.

You see, there's little that we need to do here. Very stupid of a human being to think they 'can' do everything.

A true farmer is like Shiva himself — a Pashupatinatha (lord of all animals) who sets the stage and let these organisms act out their play.

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