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Things We All Need to Ponder

Things We All Need to Ponder

1. Don't keep the tap running while washing utensils/hands. Don't use soap/sanitizer to wash hands every time. Using sanitizer will produce foam which will take more time to wash hands. You can use a hot finger bowl (yes!) if you need to disinfect hands

2. Switch to Indian Toilet, it's excellent at saving water and the squatting position (no wonder Yoga was propagated in India!) is quite good for your body/digestive system

3. If you insist on using Western Toilet, don't flush it more than 2 times, and if you really need to, do a soft flush instead of a total/hard flush

4. Don't spend more than 4 mins in a shower. If you take a bath, don't use more than 1.5 buckets

5. Water saving shower heads can save water by as much as 50%! Replace your regular shower head with the water efficient one

6. Conserve water, saving alone won't do. For a household, there's nothing like having a RainWater Harvesting tank

7. Plant trees, conserving alone won't do. Planting more trees shouldn't need an excuse, but if you need one, well, we got you one: on any auspicious occasion, you and your family can plant a tree and distribute saplings to your family members, friends, and relatives

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