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Tried our Desi A2 Milk yet?

Tried our Desi A2 Milk yet?

Our Desi A2 Milk business has been steadily growing and as of today, we serve 6000 packets/day across Bengaluru and Mysuru! 🥳🎉

Your purchase of Desi A2 Milk helps in following ways:

1. You get the healthiest milk possible that doesn't have severe side effects like other regular milk. We don't mix anything to make milk thicker, we don't inject cows with hormones.

  • We are NOT A DAIRY FIRM, our motto is to make this business sustainable for our farmers

2. You help revive Desi Cow breeds that are dying

3. You help our desi cow farmers earn an honest living

4. When you return 30 empty Desi Milk pouches, you get 10% discount at any OM store

To try Desi Milk, please message us your address and number.

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