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Village Story!

Village Story!

"Like Maths, Chemistry, Physics, even Agriculture should be a part of today’s education, but it isn’t! But that doesn’t deter some schools to push for a holistic education.

National Hill View Public School, RR Nagar students participated in our Sustainable Organic Farming Day Out program.

They did following activities and most probably became a much better, quite joyful human beings:

-> Intro to organic farming and sustainable living,
-> Did sowing and ploughing
-> Block printing with a message they would like to share with our farmers
-> Got to taste our desi food
-> Witnessed rich folk dance called Dollu Kunitha
-> Learned they alone don't exist on this planet. Discovered few birds, bugs, and played with cows, horses, sheeps, and chickens

I feel it’s very important to build a strong foundation for our kids so that they can stand up for themselves. Kindly encourage kids to learn about farming, swimming, climbing, riding and what all our grandparents did.

Let’s build a happy, healthy, and a strong generation!
Jai Mandya, Jai India!"

Get in touch with Anamika Bist if you'd like your school to organize a visit to our farm.

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