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We Are Launching a Kit for Diabetics

We Are Launching a Kit for Diabetics

We are creating Health Kits that could be purchased either online or through any of our supermarkets to replenish health and bring vitality back to your life.

To start with, we are launching a kit for Diabetics in a week — it’s based on a diet that village folks follow and we’ve helped eliminate this terrible condition (please remember, diabetes is not a disease, it’s a condition) in hundreds of people!

As you’d know, India has the most number of diabetics and we are here to prove it can be completely eliminated or successfully managed (the treatment/cure depends on lot of factors, we will discuss nuances later).

If you’re interested in securing this kit/basket when we launch, please message us your name and WhatsApp number.

Let’s help spread this ancient wisdom and heal ourselves. Please share this message with your friends/relatives who are diabetics.

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