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What is Adhik Masa (AKA Purushottam Masa)?

What is Adhik Masa (AKA Purushottam Masa)?

How many of you know that Indian Calendars like Hindu/Vikrami/Buddhist Calendar are much more accurate and scientific than Gregorian Calendar that we all follow today?

How many of you know that during Adhik Masa, it hardly rains and our ancestors knew how to make a calendar that keeps in mind both the solar + lunar movements so farmers don't have to suffer.

Today, people think it's August so it's got to rain.

Well, no. It all depends on many factors, but in a tropical country like India tidal forces play a big part which Gregorian Calendar ignores altogether.

Past 1000 years of cultural brainwashing is the result of many young people (and farmers) having no clue about Adhik Masa.


So, what is Adhik Masa (AKA Purushottam Masa)?

Hindu calendar tracks movements of the Moon as well as the Sun. Now, moon takes about 29.53 days to revolve around the earth. This makes lunar month ~29 days only. Adding all these 12 lunar months the year will have only ~354 days while Solar year is about 365 days. To adjust lunar months to solar year, Lunar calendar adds one extra month every third year.

This extra month is known Adhik Masa. This is the 13th month of the lunar calendar and hence Hindu/Vikrami Calendar has 13 months in every ~3 years.

This is a complete opposite to ham-handed approach of Gregorian Calendar where you add 1 day extra every other month and do leap year nonsense resulting in a season where it's not going to rain for a whole month, but since it's August you think it's gotta rain (but as we told you just now, it's not going to).

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