Our Story — Organic Mandya

Our Story

A journey of change and a powerful impact

The story of Organic Mandya is made up of one person’s inspiration and collective transformation. It is a farmer’s Journal to Organic Farming!


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1. The beginning of an idea

Madhu Chandan, founder of Organic Mandya ran his own software company and was living in California. He used to frequently come to Bangalore where his company’s R&D center was located. While in Bangalore he noticed that so many workers were from his hometown Mandya. What started to bother him was that these people were all sons and daughters of farmers. His visits to Mandya, unfolded a disturbing trend of youth migrating to cities, reducing life expectancy and increasing farmer suicides. 

He had a different dream about his native place. It got him into thinking – He was born in that particular district for a reason. His place has given a lot of things to him and now it was his turn to give back to society. He convinced his family and moved from the US back to Mandya. 



2. The beginning of a transformation


Madhu made some rather disturbing observations about the farming practices and how it impacted the society. Chemical-based farming had robbed the farmer of his natural competence, and the consumer of healthy produce. It was time to change the farming practices. The farmer had to get his due. He had to be self-sustainable and reap the benefits of the natural way of farming. Thus Organic Mandya was born! 



3. The beginning of a movement


The year was 2014. Madhu started talking to a few farmers and explained to them that organic farming uses natural means such as fertilizers obtained from cows, pest repellants made out of locally available resources and techniques such as crop rotation, companion planting and biological pest control. He assured them that this would bring remarkable changes to their health and wealth. This had a huge influence on Madhu’s audience. As young saplings of success showed its way to the pioneers, more and more farmers joined this group, which led to the formation of Mandya Organic Farmers Co-operative Society.


4. The beginning of health and prosperity


Organic Mandya was formed as the marketing wing to support Mandya Organic Farmers Co-operative Society. Organic Mandya Initiative is not just a movement. It has become a way of life for many farmers of Mandya. And the followers of alternative farming are delightfully increasing!

We have two simple goals- 

  • Create healthy wealthy farmers, who will create healthy wealthy consumers
  • Make Mandya a chemical-free district by the year 2020

What we have, we share!

The Organic Mandya Initiative is successful and replicable. Talk to us if you want to implement this model in your community.