Nut Mace

by Organic Mandya
Rs. 128.00

Nut Mace is actually a spice made out of the waxy red covering which encompasses nutmeg seeds. The taste is comparable to that of nutmeg, along with a hint of pepper and also a more delicate note which may be overwhelmed by heavy-handed cooks Nut Mace is definitely the outer shell of the nutmeg fruit. Mace is offered in its whole form to maintain every aspect of the spices flavour, color as well as aroma and sent to your doorstep within just days of harvest

Benefits of using Nut Mace :

  1. Nut mace alleviates Anxiety and Depression
  2. Its capability to enhance the circulation of blood
  3. Mace is an excellent source of manganese, copper, zinc, iron, potassium, essential oils, magnesium, and lots of vitamins

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