Going back to nature

Moving forward to a healthy future!

To be truly independent and to enjoy a rich and vibrant life, being reliant on others should stop.  Self-sustenance is a deep rooted belief that we can take care of ourselves and those around us.  This lesson has been taught to us by Nature.  We are geared towards supporting this thought with our innovative organic farming initiatives!


- Organic Farm & Soil

Know your farm and farmer’s life changning journey!

The Organic Farming movement in Mandya is the first-of-its-kind initiative in the country and brings farmers to work together in a pesticide-free ambience, supporting and encouraging each other, in order to create a healthy and economically viable community. This was seen as a solution to the perturbing migration of the youth to the cities and the increase in farmer suicides. The goal was to ensure that Mandya continues to be a fertile and prosperous agricultural community for the future!

The founders of the Organic Mandya Movement are all ‘Mandya Boys’, living away from Mandya, pursuing their careers in Bangalore and all across the globe. The Organic Mandya Initiative is an idea inspired by one person, for the well being of all. Discover this inspirational story of a collective movement towards good living.


- Organic Tourism

A secret unfolding to a fun way of living and learning

If you ask today’s youngsters to tell you where their food came from, they wouldn’t know. When a child was asked about the source of milk, prompt came the reply that it was from a supermarket! This is sad but true. The connect with the land and its produce is slowly dwindling, especially with urban consumers.

The primary goal of Organic Mandya’s tourism initiatives is to connect the urban community with the farming village community. The various tourism offerings are designed to satisfy the need of a varied urban population the need of a varied urban population, which could be to volunteer which could be to volunteer at the farm or simply spend a day with the farmer. It includes activities like Organic Farming, Day activities at the farm or a longer Farm Stay. There is something interesting for everyone to experience, learn and rejoice in nature!


- Organic Product

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The flagship Organic Mandya store on the Bangalore - Mysore Highway was a resounding success in just 4 months. It enabled farmers to sell their produce without the intervention of chemicals and middle-men. We hope to replicate this success story (agricultural technology and store model) all across the country, very soon.

Every time you eat, it is an opportunity to nourish your body. So eat right! It is never too late to adapt to a better lifestyle. You are just a click away from eating healthy and living healthy!