Black Cardamom (50g)

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  • Natural - 100% free from pesticides and chemicals.
  • Robust Flavor - Adds a smoky aroma and robust flavor to dishes.
  • Versatile - Can be used in curries, biryanis, meat preparations, and more.
  • High Quality - Sourced from organic farms, ensuring the best flavor and nutritional value.
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Black Cardamom (50g)

Black Cardamom (50g)

Rs. 192.00

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Organic Mandya BLACK CARDAMOM 50 GM

Black Cardamom, known for its smoky aroma and robust flavor, is a key spice in Indian and Asian cuisines. It is commonly used in savory dishes like curries, biryanis, and meat preparations. Organic Mandya Black Cardamom is sourced from organic farms, ensuring it is free from pesticides and chemicals, providing the purest form of this aromatic spice.

Usage & Storage Tips

Use of Culinary Black Cardamom in Indian Cuisine:

While not as widely used as green cardamom in India, cooking with black cardamom is common in regional cuisines:

  • South Indian Dishes: It is a common ingredient in South Indian curries, lentil dishes (sambar), and spice blends like sambar powder.
  • Mughlai Cuisine: Black Cardamom spice is added to the rich and flavorful Mughlai cuisine from North India for its smoky depth.
  • Masala Chai: Aromatic Black Cardamom can be included in some masala chai variations for a smoky and complex flavour addition.

Black Cardamom Recipes:

Black cardamom, with its smoky and complex flavour profile, can elevate various dishes. 

South Indian Delights:

  • Sambar: This hearty lentil stew from South India often features black cardamom for a deep, smoky flavour.
  • Rasam: A tangy and spicy tomato-based lentil soup from South India, where it adds a unique smoky note.
  • Coconut Curry: It is included in vegetable or seafood curries with a coconut milk base for a touch of smoky complexity.
  • Dosa Batter: Some South Indian dosa batter recipes incorporate black cardamom for a subtle smoky note in the fermented crepes.

Beyond South India:

  • Mughlai Curries: It is used sparingly in richer North Indian curries like Rogan Josh or Korma for a hint of smokiness that complements the other warm spices.
  • Biryani Variations: Some regional Biryani variations, like Lucknowi Biryani, might incorporate a touch of black cardamom for a smoky depth of flavour.
  • Spiced Rice: It adds a unique twist to flavoured rice dishes like Jeera Rice or ghee rice.

Tips for Using Black Cardamom:

  • Whole vs. Crushed: Black cardamom is typically used whole in dishes. Crushing it releases a more intense flavour, but use it sparingly due to its potency.
  • Removal Before Serving: Black cardamom pods are meant to infuse flavour during cooking and should be removed before serving as they are unpleasant to eat whole due to their tough texture.
  • Balance is Key: Black cardamom has a strong flavour. Start with a small amount (one or two pods) and adjust according to your preference.


Q: What is Black Cardamom?
A: Black Cardamom is a spice known for its smoky aroma and robust flavor, used in various savory dishes.

Q: How is Organic Mandya Black Cardamom different from regular cardamom?
A: Organic Mandya Black Cardamom is sourced from organic farms, ensuring it is free from pesticides and chemicals, offering superior quality and taste.

Q: How can I use Black Cardamom?
A: Black Cardamom can be used in curries, biryanis, meat preparations, and other savory dishes. It should be added during cooking to infuse its flavor.

Q: Is Black Cardamom healthy?A: Yes, Black Cardamom has various health benefits, including aiding digestion and providing antioxidants, and when organically grown, it is free from harmful chemicals.