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Desi Ghee Reduces Obesity

We make our ghee using Vedic method wherein all of the boiled milk is made into curd and then churned to make butter. 

And since our desi cows graze in the forest nearby, the ghee has a high medicinal value. Give it a try if you'd like to rejuvenate your immune system!

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Bt-cotton — How It Ruined Everything

Bt-cotton — How It Ruined Everything

Bt-cotton (Bollgard I), which was introduced in 2002 (by promising immunity against the Pink Bollworm) has caused severe damage to crop biodiversity, claimed thousands of lives, and eroded much-needed organic matter from the topsoil.

Well, the nature catches up. Eventually.

So, the Pink Bollworm also has caught up with this Bt-cotton and have become immune to Bollgard II (which was introduced in 2006).

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Delayed Monsoons and Adhik Masa — What's the Relation?

Delayed Monsoons and Adhik Masa — What's the Relation?

How many of you know that during Adhik Masa, it doesn't rain and our ancestors knew how to make a scientific calendar that keeps in mind both the solar + lunar movements so farmers don't have to suffer.

Today, people think it's Aug/Sep/Oct so it's got to rain. Well, no. It depends on many factors, but in a tropical country like India tidal forces (aside from heat) play a big part which Gregorian Calendar ignores altogether which results in delayed monsoons that, well, aren't actually delayed. No wonder farmers want to sue IMD.

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Should Real Honey Crystallize or Not? Yes. Now Let Us Tell You Why

Should Real Honey Crystallize or Not? Yes. Now Let Us Tell You Why

The two principal sugars in honey are fructose (fruit sugar) and glucose (grape sugar). The content of Fructose and Glucose in honey varies from one type of honey to the other. Generally, the fructose ranges from 30-44% and glucose from 25-40%. The balance of these two major sugars causes the crystallization of honey, and the relative percentage of each determines whether it crystallizes rapidly or slowly
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