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Desi Ghee Reduces Obesity

We make our ghee using Vedic method wherein all of the boiled milk is made into curd and then churned to make butter. 

And since our desi cows graze in the forest nearby, the ghee has a high medicinal value. Give it a try if you'd like to rejuvenate your immune system!

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Not Just What, Take Care of When As Well!

Not Just What, Take Care of When As Well!

People spend days tweaking their diet plans. Some believe in eating 6 times a day in small portions, some continue with 3 meals a day system. Instead of going by some cool trend or examining one more supposedly groundbreaking study, let's look at how it used to be since no variable can defeat what stood test of time!

In ancient times, there was no concept of dinner in India, but due to constant invasions, most routines and rituals based on solid science have been altered. 

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Bt-cotton — How It Ruined Everything

Bt-cotton — How It Ruined Everything

Bt-cotton (Bollgard I), which was introduced in 2002 (by promising immunity against the Pink Bollworm) has caused severe damage to crop biodiversity, claimed thousands of lives, and eroded much-needed organic matter from the topsoil.

Well, the nature catches up. Eventually.

So, the Pink Bollworm also has caught up with this Bt-cotton and have become immune to Bollgard II (which was introduced in 2006).

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Hello Schools and Startups. Nature is Calling You!

A one-day outing in our lushgreen organic farm in Madduru. Come, spend some quality time with the Mother Nature!

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