A2 Paneer High Protein - Low Fat (200g)

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  • High Protein Content: Each 100g serving contains about 26-28 grams of protein, comparable to other high-protein foods like chicken or tofu.
  • Complete Protein: Includes all essential amino acids, making it beneficial for muscle repair and growth, particularly important in vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • Rich in Calcium: Provides significant amounts of calcium, promoting strong bones and dental health.
  • Low in Fat: Offers a healthful option with lower fat content compared to many other cheese types.
  • Digestion Friendly: Because it's made from A2 milk, it's easier on the stomach and less likely to cause discomfort than products made from A1 milk.
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A2 Paneer High Protein - Low Fat (200g)

A2 Paneer High Protein - Low Fat (200g)

Rs. 160.00

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A2 Paneer High Protein - Low Fat (200g)

Organic Mandya A2 High Protein Paneer is crafted from the rich, wholesome milk of indigenous Hallikar cows, known for producing A2 beta-casein protein. This paneer boasts a protein content of approximately 26-28 Grams per 100 Grams, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to boost their protein intake. It's ideal for a variety of dietary needs, including vegetarian diets, providing a complete protein source with all essential amino acids. Organic Mandya paneer is also a rich source of calcium, crucial for bone health, and other nutrients that contribute to overall wellness.

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